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postheadericon Take a Good Look at Your Family this Year

We take a lot of photos when we get together for the holidays.  Every time you turn around there’s a camera in your face.  From selfies to drones overhead recording our movements, it’s enough to rattle your nerves.  But I realized taking the pictures is not the problem, it’s that I never see them again once we all go back to our respective towns and cities.  Someone will post a few on Facebook or other social media outlets, but the older folks in the family don’t use any of those things, and they get the most out of new photos.  I realized I wanted to change the way we manage all that history, all those frozen smiles, wild hairdos, chubby cheeks and plates of food.   I’m was determined to make a great memory book for the older relatives and after a short search, I found the perfect way to do it.  I searched Groupon and found money saving promo codes for Walgreens.

Fortunately, the Walgreens near us has a photo department.  The last time I used their services I was there to get a passport photo taken.  When I inquired about same day photo service, I was happy to be informed they still had the capacity to make same day photo albums.  With that secret in mind, I gathered photos from every member who came to Christmas dinner and arranged them in the order I wanted them to appear in the book.  You can upload 10-25 photos, and the books will be ready as soon as the same day, with sufficient time to make them.  I uploaded them to the site and before I left the next day, I had boxed one copy of the book for each branch of the family.  They were so nice!  The prints were 4×6, and were spiral bound so they were easy to flip through.  They were a big hit.   It was the gift that continues to give.  Not only can we remember the fun we had, it helps my parents remember names and faces as they get older.

Now I use Walgreens to make books all the time, as well as greeting cards, and other gifts.  It’s the best way to capture the photos that captured the family fun.